Focused training for companies and professionals in all SAP® functionalities

Focused training for companies and professionals in all SAP® functionalities

By bringing SAP® qualified and certified consultants, we provide specifics in-company training that recycles professionals in SAP® functionalities and / or complementing project implementation of SAP® ECC with end-user activities.

  • Specialized training within all business verticals, leading the company's profile as a premise.
  • To understand the basic processes modules integration. It usually lasts 8 to 16 hours.
  • Modules detailed trainings, with some exercises. Normally it lasts 20-30 hours.
  • Selected modules training, among others with some basic knowledge in Brazilian localization as well as in-depth exercises. Usually takes 40 to 80 hours.
  • Training within selected modules. The instructor makes a survey at the customer`s environment in order to gather all situations and difficulties.
  • This training needs to be customized and does not have a time estimate.
E Learning (Custom)
  • Developed Training model, fully customized to customer` s needs and can therefore be used as many times you need (recorded and available video).
  • More interactive lessons with on-site instructors.
  • Project scenarios as samples.
  • More flexibility to create customized company training.
  • Mais facilidade no aprendizado devido a forma didática mais interativa.
  • Cenários modernos e dinâmicos próximos da realidade de uma sala de aula.
  • Mais flexibilidade para criação de cursos personalizados para empresas
  • Virtual On line
  • Treinamento desenvolvido para empresas que tem diversas sedes e usuários espalhados por todo o pais. Pode ser ministrado para quantos usuários necessitar de uma única vez e em qualquer lugar do mundo.
  • Pode ser ministrado ao mesmo tempo para usuários em diversos lugares (ambiente do cliente)
  • Custo benefício melhor do que o Treinamento Presencial
  • O Usuário pode acessar de qualquer lugar, ou seja, treinamento pode ser ministrado em horários não comerciais.
  • Training at the customer`s or at Intragroup`s site.
  • Fully attention to all detailed exercises.
  • Maximum 12 students per class.
  • Printed matter for each user
Specific training
  • Nfe - Entry Invoice
  • Nfs - Output Invoice
  • ECF - Escrituração Fiscal Contábil
  • Nfe 3.1 - Invoice 3.1
  • Workshop Location Key User (SD / MM)
  • SAP® Foundation (SD, MM, PP, CO, FI)
  • BW / BI and BO
  • E-Social
  • Among others ...

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Inbound - NFe
Solution that has integration with SEFAZ that is connected with the Secretariats of Finance of each Brazilian state.

Solution that has integration with SEFAZ, connected with the Secretariats of Finance of each Brazilian state.

Digital Booking
Standard SAP® solutions for SPEDs Accounting, Tax and PIS / COFINS.

Import cost
Designed to make life easier for companies that do import processes in SAP.

FCI Management
For companies who wish to benefit from the reduced VAT rate.

Printed books Lalur and add new information to be made available to the RFB

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